• Assisting in clarifying the true institutional enrollment goals as they flow from your college mission, vision and identity.
  • Helping you identify, attract and enroll the best mix of qualified students to meet the needs of the college at the lowest possible cost per enrollee.
  • Researching ways to increase your market visibility, share and yield.
  • Helping you develop the right publications and advertisements; getting the best use of your support dollars, scholarships and financial aid funding.
  • Identifying the most cost effective technologies appropriate for your college.


  • Developing student success programs that include early warning systems of drop-out proneness.
  • Getting the pulse of your campus in areas of dissatisfaction.
  • Assisting in developing and implementing action plans to appropriately deal with issues, perceptions, realities and attitudes needing improvement.
  • Working with staff and faculty in insuring that the students you enroll are successful in meeting their educational goals.

Personnel Selection and Training

  • Assisting search committees as a facilitator of the process.
  • Serving as a strategy planner and implementer for the publicizing of important vacancies.
  • Functioning as a screener and initial interviewer for blind response searches.
  • Conducting talent identification interviews for recruitment related positions, specifically admissions recruiters, telecounselors and telecounseling supervisors.
  • Serving as a temporary on-campus administrator during key administrative vacancies.
  • Providing mentoring services for new enrollment management professionals.

Financial Aid Assessment and Leveraging Assistance

  • Providing overall review of the Financial Aid Office including awarding parameters, policies and processes.
  • Assisting colleges in getting the most yield from limited institutional aid. 
  • Developing a unique packaging strategy to achieve very specific enrollment goals.
  • Providing software tools to enable the college to modify its packaging matrix and monitor its success.

Consultation Service Delivery:

On-Site Assessment
A one to two day on-site analysis of the current enrollment situation by the President of Christian Consulting. A summary of needed interventions and strategies to achieve the college’s enrollment goals and potential is proved at the conclusion of the visit followed by a written summary/proposal within 10 working days of the visit.

On-Going Assistance
Based on the recommendations from the On-Campus Assessment, a lead client consultant works with your college and coordinates the longer term services needed to strengthen your staff and systems. The client consultant insures that specific assistance in specialized areas is coordinated with the overall on and off site consulting efforts. The clear goal in this effort is to assist the college to the point where enrollment consultants are no longer necessary.

Especially focused counsel is provided for new professionals allowing the benefit of years of experience to support and guide the energy of "youth." Although this service is normally coupled with on-site consultation, most of this assistance is provided by phone and Internet.

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